Putin is mistaken on the projected power of its nation (weak), on the importance of its geopolitical destiny (decline), and on the level of threat that the rich neighbors represent (none). Russia is a dwarf economy because Putin can't understand where wealth is coming from.

From the point of view of a farmer, wealth is in the ground, so the more you want to be powerful, the more you need land (even if you take it by force). But wealth coming from the West does not come from the ground (a level "one" economy), but came from industry a century ago (a level "two") and now essentially from services (a level "three" economy).

Putin could have developed its industry but he didn't, he just concentrated most of the oil and gas money to securing his close friends oligarchs, and now war is leveling down many decades of development of services. Hence Putin is bringing his country to the ground again, to farming and to misery where Russia came from, and even in the extraordinary situation of weakness, he will see no military incursion into its territory, because the world has evolved around it in a way that war became unacceptable.

So wakeup Putin, see what you have done against your people, and listen to their calls. No one wants to live in an unfair, insecure world of violence that you're trying to build. Or witness what your people will do to you when they apply your methods against the enemy (you)

The Ukraine War From Russia's Perspective


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